Lost and Found

One hot July morning at 6:30 I was awaken by the whimpering of our foster pup telling me he had to go potty. Sleepily, I dragged myself out of bed, took him out of the crate, and opened the patio sliding door to see a beautiful big, panting German Shepherd in the empty lot behind our home. lost found

With temperatures reaching up to 105 degrees that week, I quickly ran back inside to get him some water. He nervously, paced back and forth and despite all my efforts he refused to get near the water bowl and left. It occurred to me to look under lost and found in Craigslist; I noticed the dog was wearing a black collar and knew he had to belong to someone. I found a picture and a description of a lost German Shepherd wearing a black collar. check my blog

It was now 6:42. Too early to call, but I thought to myself, if my dog were lost, I would want anyone to call me at any hour. I hesitantly called hoping the person wouldn’t be too mad. A lady answered; I told her I just saw a dog describing her ad wandering around my neighborhood. She asked where we lived so she could send her husband looking to see if it was their dog. I went on about my morning wondering if the dog I had seen was theirs and if they were able to find him. About forty-five minutes later I received a call. The voice on the other end was crying. Through her tears, she managed to tell me, That was him, he stinks horrible, but that was him, we found him! She told me they had been looking for him for over a week, had driven hundreds of miles, and had taken many long walks looking for him.

Thank you so much for calling. She offered me a reward, but I declined. It was reward enough for me knowing their much-loved pet had been reunited with his owners.