How Can You Benefit From the iPhone Price Drop?

One of the most popular buzzes right now is the iPhone price drop. While it seems that the recent drop is more because Apple wants to get rid of the older, slower iPhones, this has still resulted in making the iPhone a device that is affordable by nearly every person looking for smart phone. When evaluating, look at the service plan as well. This phone, even at $99 isn’t for the person who is debt laden.

There does seem to be a bit of a problem, though. AT&T has said that their network is being overwhelmed by the amount of bandwidth being used by iPhone customers. This announcement was made before the iPhone price drop took place so what are we all in store for in the next year as AT&T works to upgrade their network capacity? Is the network going to get slower? I am one of those people who has seen a difference in the last couple of months. iphone xr

For all of you who currently have an iPhone 3G, I wouldn’t run out and buy the 3GS. Here’s why: (from

“While dozens of carriers worldwide have put the 7.2 Mbps flavor of HSPA in the field, AT&T is still in the planning stages. The firm has a vaguely stated schedule in place. The company said a few days before the iPhone 3G S was announced that 7.2 HSPA would start appearing on cell towers “later this year.” However, the full upgrade of AT&T’s 3G network won’t be complete until some time in 2011.”

So the new speedier version of the iPhone won’t be usable on the AT&T network for quite a while so buying the latest and great gadget isn’t going to land you much in the way better performance anyway. If you’re new to the iPhone, spend the $99 for the older model since you aren’t getting much more in the way of speed.

The iPhone price drop provides a prime opportunity for anybody who has wanted to have this phone to now afford it, providing the data plan is affordable. Second, if you are a current iPhone customer and are looking to upgrade to the 3GS, don’t bother right now. By the time AT&T gets its cell towers upgraded, the next model may be out.

As a technology junkie myself, I know how much some of you may want to run out and buy the newest gadget. You will almost always find that the newest technology is released before the infrastructure is in place to support it so you are paying premium prices for technology that is not yet mainstream. Remember the Blue Ray disk? Or Window Vista?

New technology is almost always full of bugs and because the R&D costs have to be recouped, it is quite expensive. The money-wise person would be well served to wait until the price comes down and then buy. Let the other people pay the development costs.