General Dentistry To The Rescue

We all need an adviser at certain points of our lives. No matter how able you are, there are always certain situations where you need assistance of someone else to deal with a problem at hand, whether an outsider’s view or an expert’s advice. General Dentists are like those specialists, which can help you deal with regular dental problems. This Site

Technically, General Dentists are not specialists. Specialist dentists are those who are trained to tackle problems related to one branch of dentistry, for example, an Oral Surgeon can perform surgery, an Orthodontist specializes in orthodontics, a Periodontist would deal only with gum related problems and an Endodontist will do root canal or pulp related treatments. On the other hand, dentists who practice General Dentistry can perform many forms of dental procedures, depending upon their experience and skill.

These dentists are a great assistance to families as they provide an array of dental services under one roof. These services include –

• Cleaning – The most basic and one of the most important dental services dentists can provide is cleaning. There are parts of the mouth which a toothbrush or dental floss can’t reach and hence they become breeding points for germs. Timely cleaning helps maintain a good oral hygiene and prevents gum diseases.

• Root Canal Treatment – When there is an infection in the root canal of a tooth, it becomes imperative to remove decayed nerve tissue and pulp, in order to restore tooth health. General dentists can perform the entire procedure, beginning from extraction of the pulp to restorations.

• Extraction – In case of an exaggerated decay in the tooth, infection or in case of an impacted wisdom tooth, extraction is considered the best option to treat the condition. With the use of sedation, an experienced dentist can perform this procedure comfortably.

• Dental Implants – Almost all General Dentistry clinics offer dental implant service, which can be listed as a cosmetic dentistry service too. It requires precision and expertise, but skilled general dentists are qualified enough to carry out this procedure.

• Crowns – For a broken tooth surface, you need not go to a cosmetic dentist, your general dentist can fix a dental crown, also known as dental cap.

• Family Dentistry – Possibly the best and the most useful service provided by general dentists is this one. When you have a place where your entire family can get their share of dental care, half of your worries are over. A general dentist close to home or office is a blessing for any family, as dentists offer comprehensive services for patients of all ages.

• Emergency Service – When in need of immediate dental care, you can call your nearby general or family dentist who offers emergency service and help will be at hand in quick time.

Apart from offering multiple dental services, General Dentistry clinics have many more advantages over specialists. The biggest advantage is that services provided by general dentists are a lot cheaper than those provided by specialists. Plus, you can visit a general practitioner almost anytime or with a quick appointment, while to visit a specialist, you will have to wait for an appointment. Of course specialists have their own set of advantages, especially in complex cases they should be the first preference. You will have to carefully choose a dentist, after reading the testimonials by former patients and gaining knowledge about the experience of the dentist, technology and tools in use at the clinic, all of which are factors that should be taken into consideration while picking a dentist.

Make an informed decision and take the full advantage of a multitude of services offered at general and family dental clinics.

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