Fire Safety Signs

The term Fire safety signs is used specifically to describe red and white signs showing the location of fire safety equipment. The umbrella term refers to all signs relating to fire safety. This article will explain the meaning and uses of other signs which are used to enforce fire safety. Official Site

Fire exit signs – Usually green with white writing / pictogram. These direct staff or members of the public to the quickest and safest route of escape from a fire or emergency. This page

Fire door signs – Usually in a self adhesive finish, these signs instruct the operator on the use of the fire door and may state to keep clear, keep shut, keep locked, or push bar to open. There are many variations on this sign but you will most often see a blue and white square sign

Fire extinguisher ID signs – Placed above fire extinguishers to tell the operator how to safely use the extinguisher and what not to use the extinguisher on.

Fire point signs – These fire safety signs inform the reader of the location of a fire point. This is a red and rectangle shaped white sign.

Fire action signs – Are used to inform the reader of what to do in the event of an emergency evacuation. This may include how to raise the alarm, the phone number of the local fire brigade and the designated evacuation point.

Fire alarm call point signs – Inform the reader of the location of the buildings fire alarm.

Assembly point – This sign is used to mark the meeting point used in an emergency evacuation or fire drill. The meeting point should be outdoors and away from the building. All staff members should know where this is.

No smoking signs – Used to comply with no smoking regulations and also aid fire prevention.

The above section has intended to show a selection of the wide range of fire safety signs available to safeguard your business premises, staff and customers from the risks of fire, and to help you comply with current health and safety legislation.