Are You Looking to Register a Company?

To register company in Singapore entails very simple steps and after that you’re good to start your business. This process begins with the interested parties applying for the EntrePass or the popularly known Employment pass which is the legit and approved procedure in Singapore. This document is a must for any individual and it’s valid for only 2 years, after that a renewal process follows. The renewal is only necessary if you wish to continue with your business. Foreigners have always been welcome here offering a superb life that can be made a permanent stay permit after one year. This is only possible however after one has applied for it. In general, to register company in Singapore requires the issuance of the two mentioned migration visas which is mandatory. registering a company in singapore

Singapore being a nice country has influenced very many entrepreneurs across the world because of the minimal and friendly requirements required, as opposed to those ones from other countries. So any business minded person and clients wishing to be based here can have specialized packages tailored for their needs. The packages accommodate all groups of people such as foreign professionals, executives, directors, shareholders and many others. If you are wondering how to register a company in Singapore you need to work in conjunction with the Immigration department so that you can acquire the relevant documentation. This documentation facilitates the entry and stay in Singapore legally. Companies that have gone against this have witnessed harsh consequences from the concerned authorities ending up in deportation. Those who have used the right procedures work confidently without run-ins with the authorities.

To register company in Singapore also requires one to partner with the relevant service provider that will ensure matters touching on the registration process are well taken care of. Choose those that have been in operation for many years since they’ve the experience to tackle your issues with great ease. Such providers can give you a professional advice on the “do’s and donts”. So be sure to check them out when you decide to start your business in Singapore. Getting access to the above mentioned providers will enlighten you and give you information on Singapore as far as registration in concerned.