5 Ways Online Giving Benefits Your Church

It is high time to stop relying on the offering plate or basket to bring in the donations for your church! Online tithing has a number of benefits, and if your church has not yet implemented an online giving system, then this is something which would be smart to demand from your church software going forward. Here is why:

#1 Implementing an online giving system for your church makes it easy for people to give! Click here

It is obvious that the general public has gotten used to online transactions, so why make it difficult for people to give? Instead of worrying about writing a check to bring to church, an online donation is processed instantly. Don’t make people jump through the hoops when they want to donate! An additional benefit of utilizing online tithing lies in shortening the time needed to count and deposit funds manually.

#2 When an online tithing system makes it easier for people to give, they tend to give more generously!

Did you know that online, donors are more generous than offline?

#3 Online tithing is convenient, simple, and secure (when the right church software is used to implement the system).

It’s convenient because your donors are going to be able to choose how much, how often, and where do they want to contribute. They can choose between paying with credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. Online tithing for churches is more secure as it cannot be lost or stolen. A good online giving church software can also automate some management and accounting processes.

#4 Online giving for churches is timely: a donor can set up a recurring contribution that is scheduled for the day that he specifies.

This way, he can give even when he is out-of-town or ill, and not able to give in person. The donation will always be sent on time, because even in a case when the donor forgets about it, his contribution is going to come out of his account.

#5 Implementing an online giving system for your church can engage a broader audience.

The possibility of online tithing will increase the participation: even people who are not the members of your church can now donate. More than ninety percent of Americans are online – in order to reach them, your church will have to look for online solutions, and implementing an online giving system is a step that must not be missed.